Quora Question & Answer: “Why anti-Trump”

Richard Burk
Richard Burk, B.S. Computer Science, George Mason University (1992)

Well, we have a population of roughly 325 million of which roughly 75 million are kids ineligible to vote. That would leave roughly 250 million to vote. Of that 250 million potential voters, roughly 130 million voted. Of that 130 million voters, roughly 63 million voted for Trump. So out of a population of 325 million, less than 20% actually voted for him. So effectively there is up to 80% of the population that may not actually want Trump.

That is not entirely accurate as many of his voters really voted against Clinton. There is the perspective that one votes for the lesser evil, hence Trump got those votes.

Trump then embraces polarizing rhetoric and attacks specific individuals and organizations as well as uses generalizations to attack categories of people.

Additionally, the Trump administration before and after the election has attacked news organizations and reporters, the very ones that report about what he does. So reporting will get clouded by such attacks, hence reporting is more likely to be anti-Trump.

There are multiple view points and interpretations to actions that a person takes. Trump campaigned on draining the swamp. However, people’s interpretation of the swamp varies. To Democrats the swamp is Republicans and to Republicans it is Democrats. Further, whether one is a Democrat or Republican, you cannot help but notice that Trump has nominated existing politicians and individuals from the banking industry and oil and gas industry and others with big money and placed them within his administration. So in effect, he has hired the swamp. He campaigned against the very industries that he ran against in the election campaign which makes him appear to be two-faced. People do not like to be duped and thus feel betrayed by Trump for his actions as people understand that actions speak more than words.

In order to keep various campaign promised, Trump has signed executive orders that rub against the grain and beliefs of large sections of the nation. For example, the Muslim travel ban. Another is pushing to make the ACA worse rather than improving it. There is also talk of turning Social Security into privatized monetary instruments (ie. investing social security into the stock market). With boom and bust cycles the norm for the stock market versus a govt guarantee/promise that Social Security would provide for the elderly, this threatens the baby boomers as they retire over the next 10–20 years as well as the existing retired that depend upon Social Security to survive.

It also doesn’t help Trump’s case for jobs when he promotes a business and the next day the business then announces layoffs or annouces that it is moving its business outside of the USA.

The list just goes on and on, so as you can see it is easy to be anti-whomever and it is hard to be for whomever.

Did I mention that the news organizations are mostly run by for-profit corporations and expect their news organizations to make money which is interpreted as getting ratings. It is most certainly easier to report about negative information about whatever versus reporting positive information about whatever.

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