Which President lied the most?

Clint Potts
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The PolitiFact scorecard for President Barack Obama

The PolitiFact scorecard for President Donald Trump

Do you notice anything different?

If you look at the statements for both men that are rated as Mostly False, False, or Pants on Fire (the categories that are less than half-true) you will notice that President Obama was rated in these categories in 26% of his challenged and rated statements. Compare this to President Trump, who spends 69% of his time in this territory.

Obama is scored at being at least half-true in 76% of his rated statements.

Trump? Only 32%.

So, maybe the question should be: Why does Trump lie all of the time? Lying seems to be Trump’s go-to move. Rather than present a semi-truthful answer, he wings it. Usually, these statements are telegraphed by his use of the phrase, “Believe me.”


As expected, I’m beginning to get the comments that Politifact is obviously biased. Here, I must disagree and alert you to the possibility that there are real news sites out there. Politifact has received the Pulitzer prize for its fair and unbiased coverage of the political landscape, and if one actually reads the reviews and research that they cite when debunking the various lies, you will find that they are just as hard on Obama when he lied as they are when Trump lies. It is simply a matter of fact that Trump is a much more facile liar than was his predecessor. Perhaps the difference is that his predecessor actually knew facts about the topic of the day and didn’t have to make them up on the spot to appear in control.

Search your feelings Luke. You know this to be true.

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