Least polluting nation on Earth ?

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Richard Pressl
Richard Pressl Not according to the actual data ! Pass up the rewrite on BB, and go directly to the real data. This report is talking about the levels of particulate matter in municipal ambient air….but it is NOT referring to the countries level of responsibility for the amount of pollution they generate. How about assigning PPP, (pollution per person) rates to countries? The average tribesman in Kenya does not create as much hazardous pollution in a year as the average American does in a week, or in some cases in a day !!
Richard Pressl
Richard Pressl I am not saying we have not decreased our country’s air pollution because we have, dramatically so in the past few years; however, I am saying we are NOT “among the least polluting nations on the planet”, that label might more accurately be applied to Switzerland which tops the list with an overall EPI score of 95.5 out of 100.
Hank Luniewski

Hank Luniewski Here is the real data, Richard. You may want to have a seat. https://www.epa.gov/air-trends/air-quality-national-summary

National summary of air quality trends and status
Richard Pressl
Richard Pressl Hank…yes, I see and acknowledge that data; but again the Breitbart phrasing asserts pollution means ONLY OR PRIMARILY particulate and gas matter in the air whereas the UN reports include all forms of pollution including solid waste, hazardous waste, industrial accidents, ground, maritime, and ground water pollution, In addition, In 2015, about 82 million tons of pollution, or 512 pounds per person per year, PPP, were emitted into the atmosphere in the United States. Please advise the totals for comparable population sized groupings in other areas of the Globe, especially in the developing World. And then advise my scale suggestion: PPP for each area.

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