In reply to ‘is capitalism dead’ ?

by Richard @ Flexible Reality – May 16, 2017


IMHO the problems we are seeing have some relationship to our political systems; but much more to do with the failure of  Capitalism to progress favorably beyond where it was in the mid 70’s.

In the US, in Western Europe and Japan the ‘Corporate Capitalism’ form of government has not dealt with economic realities from decimation of central cities, monopoly control over critical goods and services, outsourcing of the manufacturing base, globalization, serious social and economic inequality, wage stagnation, workforce segregation, or what to do with surplus labor.

The “Third Way” and “Capital Homesteading” movements appear to be the only reasonable way forward; but the culture, and the powers that be will not allow it to happen, at least at this point in time. So we simply have to wait for a tipping point to arrive which will attempt to address the short-comings of the traditional Capitalist model. Perhaps it will become a form of “Autocratic Capitalism” like in China, perhaps it will be a “Co-Op Capitalism” like what Cuba is trying to do.

Hard to envision all the possibilities, but it is certain the current model will not survive as currently structured.

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