Why did Clinton lose?

The big list of reasons why Sec. Clinton lost the Election include:

Russian meddling in the election, polls incorrectly predicted she had an insurmountable lead, FBI Director James Comey’s involvement toward the end of the race, WikiLeaks’ theft of emails from Campaign Chairman Podesa, two decades of Right Wing animus toward her, some progressives took offense against her for the Democratic Party’s treatment of Sen. Sanders, Misogyny, the Electorate believed House Republican claims about her role in the Benghazi affair, the professional class was assured that only low information/low capacity whites would accept Trump as President, she was seen as too comfortable with American militarism, a significant portion of the electorate believed the falsehoods about Clinton but ignored the evidence pointing to the defects in Trump, the belief that Wall Street & Big Banks had “bought her”, a large portion of the lower economic white population segment was put off by her elitism which they thought would not help them, some simply wanted a return to an imagined state of society from the past, older white Americans were uncomfortable with all the Democratic emphasis on LGBT and Black Lives Matter issues, many had no fear that Trump could cause any real harm, and with extensive efforts by Republicans to limit voter participation by Democrat leaning population segments especially in “swing” States, and finally, some truly unsophisticated voters thought she was unskilled in the necessary abilities to be “The Leader of the Free World”.

If I missed your reason, please add it to the comments below.

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