Freedom reviewed

by Richard @ Flexible Reality – Mar. 3, 2017
 We exalt freedom as the primary virtue and goal not only for individuals but for States as well; however the concept is viewed quite differently by different groups, and at different times. In general when we think of freedom we have in mind “a” freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, etc. This type of freedom is seen as a transcendent article of human society and is considered immutable.

However, there are two other orientations that need to be considered. Namely, the freedom “to” something: clean water, fresh air, to be secure in one’s possessions. The other is a freedom “from” something: unreasonable search and seizures, involuntary conscription to military service, etc.

With the decay of democratic processes around the World we are facing the prospect of the abridgment of the first type, where for example the Trump White House claims there neither is, nor should be, a completely “free press”, or a freedom to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  While the compartmentalized groups in the country assert their “right to” the freedom of personal expression, such as the freedom to do almost anything not expressly forbidden by law.

What we are now seeing is the negation of the universal freedom articles, the supremacy of the freedom “to” do by and for ourselves, and the militarized force to support freedom “from” for and against others.

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