Silence from the Corporations is deafening

Richard Pressl 

16 mins – Feb. 9th, 2017·

Have you ever wondered why so few American Corporations have expressed objections to Stultus’s ‘Wall’ or Mexican immigration?

Maybe because they stand to gain so much from implementation of Stultus’s actions, such as the fact that his actions thus far have devalued the Mexican peso by about 20% relative to the dollar, so US Corporations benefit due to the decrease in their labor cost.

Even the threatened 20% tariff on goods brought into America from Mexico works against the best interests of the working people in both countries: since Mexican workers would be paid less, Americans would be required to pay more for goods, while US Corporations pass on the tariff to US consumers – “due to changes in the cost of business” – so Corporations win, and people – other than the oligarchs – suffer.

All of which seems to be incomprehensible to Trumpsters who support this theft from the commons!!!

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