The Complete Guide on How to be More Empathetic

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Empathy, a skill that is required for a great deal of standard human communication. Sometimes people will hear this word and roll their eyes because they think this is a reference to people who announce themselves as empaths. This is not the same thing. Being […]

Wrap-up of a perspective on Bannon

jimK’s Opinion In Favor ··· Thursday Oct 21st, 2021 – at 5:57 PM **** If Congress cannot do its Constitutional duty to provide checks on those associated with the executive branch, there will never be a means for the House to hold the Executive Branch in check, to prevent the Executive Branch from violating the […]

Should Steve Bannon be held in contempt of Congress for not responding to a subpoena?

Thursday, Oct 21st the House had a roll call vote.

The House Passed – October 21st, 2021 Roll Call Vote 229 Yea / 202 Nay My “so-called” Representative in the House voted Nay…as did almost all Republicans !!!! Here’s the NPR article on the process…


On the school curriculum

by Heather Cox Richardson – Oct 16th, 2021


On October 8, the executive director of curriculum and instruction for the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, Texas, told a teacher to make sure to follow Texas’s new law requiring teachers to present opposing views on controversial subjects. The Carroll school board had recently reprimanded […]

Take your opinion and shove it…

There may be other ways to counteract Trumpism; but we don’t have the tools to do it now…so –

by Heather Cox Richardson Oct 11th, 2021 ************************>

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post today ran op-eds from Republicans or former Republicans urging members of their party who still value democracy to vote Democratic until the authoritarian faction that has taken over their party is bled out of it.

In the New […]