Fighting COVID at home

(note: this information has not been confirmed yet by medical personnel, so use at your own risk) – ed



No one ever talks about how to fight Covid at home. I came down with Covid in November. I went to the hospital, running a fever of 103, a […]

Wounded Knee revisited

December 28, 2020 (Monday)

*******by Heather Cox Richardson*****************

On the clear, cold morning of December 29, 1890, on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, three U.S. soldiers tried to wrench a valuable Winchester away from a young Lakota man. He refused to give up his hunting weapon; it was the only thing standing between […]

Historical Snapshot

by Heather Cox Richardson -December 16, 2020 (Wednesday)


The reality that Joe Biden is about to become president and Kamala Harris is about to become vice president is sinking in across Washington, and today gave us some indications of what that’s going to mean.

Stories about what exactly happened in the Trump administration are […]

Business vs Government

by Richard @ Flexible Reality – Dec. 16th, 2020


When done correctly business, government, and religion can be powerful forces for human development and planetary viability. However, each can easily be perverted, misdirected, or become oppressive when used unwisely.

Government is the only one of these which is specifically empowered to regulate the others. […]

You must remember this: SCOTUS vs PAXTON et al

(Note: The filing to the Supreme Court from AG Paxton in Texas was rejected by the Court in a unanimous ruling Dec. 11th, 2020)

Historical parallels with today’s Republican Party

by Heather Cox Richardson – Dec 11th, 2020

****************************************** “Americans unhappy with the results of a presidential election have done precisely this before. It was called “secession,” and it occurred in 1860 when elite southern Democrats tried to destroy the United States of America rather than accept the election of Republican Abraham Lincoln to the […]

A litany of “why liberals think Trump supporters are stupid”

A litany of “why liberals think Trump supporters are stupid” Responses to an anguished question from a Trump supporter: ‘Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?’ *********************** THE SERIOUS ANSWER: Here’s what the majority of anti-Trump voters honestly feel about Trump supporters en masse:

That when you saw a man who had owned a […]

Perched on a bubble

What’s holding up the COVID Relief Bill?

As explained by Rep. Katie Porter (D) CA – Dec. 9th, 2020 ****************************************************** “When I came to Congress, I knew I had a responsibility to pull back the curtain for the American people and expose corruption in real-time. So, I’m filling you in on Senator McConnell’s attempts over the last 8 days to tank a […]

Media conversions in the Canton/Woodstock Georgia area

For conversion of photos, music, and other data from 8 track, 8mm, reel to reel, VHS, or other to modern DVD format I strongly recommend this local company.