Alternate reality

August 29, 2020 (Saturday)

by Heather Cox Richardson


With the end of the Republican National Convention on Thursday, the race to the November election is in high gear.

Trump has made it clear he will run on the idea that he has defeated the coronavirus and rebooted the economy, while rioters from the “radical […]

Idiot in Chief wants to be on Mt Rushmore !!

by Heather Cox Richardson


August 10, 2020 (Monday)

The most striking news of the day was not that Trump has suggested he wants his image on Mt. Rushmore but rather that such an outrageous statement has garnered so little attention. That says something about his presidency.

This weekend, the New York Times ran a […]

Regarding the USPS

by Heather Cox Richardson

July 31, 2020 (Friday)

“Everything now coming from the White House is about Trump’s reelection. While all presidential candidates want to win, they are usually able to accept the idea of a loss. Trump, though, has gone so far as to suggest delaying the election, an unprecedented step which would buy […]