Timothy Snyner’s “Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century” – On Tyranny

Please buy the book, but in the meantime here are the twenty:

Do not obey in advance Defend institutions Beware the one-party state Take responsibility for the face of the World Remember professional ethics Be wary of paramilitaries Be reflective if you must be armed Stand out Be kind to our language Believe in truth […]

Politics as usual harms effective response to pandemics


February 28, 2020 – The New Yorker

The virulent germ we now call the Spanish flu happened to strike at a diabolical moment in the history of politics and propaganda. The previous spring, in April of 1917, the United States entered the First […]

Another perspective of the attacks against Sanders

Thomas Palley’s Article on Attacks Against Sanders *********************************************************** Bernie Sanders: Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Eighty-seven years ago those were the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his 1933 inaugural speech. Today, they resonate with Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, which confronts a […]

The creative circuit

On the connection circuit

(by Richard @ Flexible Reality – Jan. 2020)

The mind to eye to hand to object and back is a well-known interconnected circuit used by artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and creators of all kinds. For entrepreneurs, something is perceived as missing, poorly implemented, or ripe for commercial exploitation. For the engineer, something […]

Russian Security Services Again Interfering in Elections in Support of trump re-election

Intel Officials Say Russia Boosting Trump Candidacy Intelligence officials have warned lawmakers that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election campaign to help President Donald Trump get reelected. ASSOCIATED PRESS PUBLISHED 20 FEBRUARY 2020


WASHINGTON (AP) — Intelligence officials have warned lawmakers that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election campaign to help […]

POTUS Pardons follow a pattern

Trump’s clemency spree shows white-collar felons it’s more about who you know than what you did

via WaPo Daily 202 – By James Hohmann with Mariana Alfaro


Billionaire investor Nelson Peltz hosted a fundraiser at his $95 million home in Florida on Saturday night that raised $10 million for President Trump’s reelection campaign. On […]

Do not mix wild animals with humans…anywhere!

Virus renews safety concerns about slaughtering wild animals By SAM McNEIL and CANDICE CHOI yesterday 1 of 4 FILE – In this Jan. 9, 2020, file photo provided by the Anti-Poaching Special Squad, police look at items seized from store suspected of trafficking wildlife in Guangde city in central China’s Anhui Province. As China […]

When political leaders brazenly flout the law, we are heading towards a very dark place.

The Roots of Fascism

Posted: 11 Feb 2020 03:29 PM PST

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 5th February 2020


It is not a sufficient condition for fascism to take root, but it is a necessary one. The willingness of political leaders not only to break the law, but to revel in breaking […]

Disinformation machinations

The Billion Dollar Disinformation Campaign

by Mckay Coppins @ The Atlantic – Mar. 2020


One day last fall, I sat down to create a new Facebook account. I picked a forgettable name, snapped a profile pic with my face obscured, and clicked “Like” on the official pages of Donald Trump and his reelection campaign. […]

Sen. Romney’s Address to the Senate: Feb. 5th, 2020

Full Transcript: Mitt Romney’s Speech Announcing Vote to Convict Trump

The senator from Utah was the first — and only — Republican to announce he supported removing the president from office.

In the last several weeks I’ve received numerous calls and texts. Many demanded in their words that […]

Fact-checking the 2020 SOTU

The president’s address included false and misleading claims on jobs, wages, energy, immigration and more.

via FactCheck.org – Posted on February 5, 2020


In his 2020 address to Congress, President Donald Trump stretched and distorted the […]

Impeachment & Presidential Accountability


The President will see an acquittal—which was preordained by the highly partisan Senate—as license for further abuse.

The sordid truth of the impeachment trial of Donald Trump is that it will […]