The New Global Landscape: Illiberal Regimes

by Ambassador John Shattuck, Sep 2018 via Columbia Journal of International Affairs


In the fall of 2016, I returned to the United States from Hungary. As many are now aware, especially following Hungary’s most recent elections, the country is the home of the European Union’s first and foremost illiberal regime. For seven years I […]

Equivocation in the Senate trial

Senate “trial” by Defense Counsel Day Two ************************************************* …it’s confusing…I didn’t know the Bidens were on trial, or that Hunter Biden was “trading on his father’s position”, but the Defense counselor had nothing to say about Ivanka or Jared, who has no military, legal, or diplomatic experience at all, and who was repeatedly denied […]

“How could we have known?”

Note: This year is the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of the German Extermination camps in Europe

Several weeks ago when caught in a traffic tie-up stuck behind one of those truck transports carrying live chickens to the processing center my thoughts flickered between it, and another episode in modern life.

One was related […]

Sat. Jan 25th, 2020 Defense Presentation

Opening Defense Arguments


a) Ukraine did not know about the hold on the assistance until Aug 28th. (False)

b) The only evidence presented for a link between investigations and assistance came from Ambassador Sondland (False)

c) Presenter referred to “the Russian collusion theory” …echoing the Mueller Report

d) The FISA Court episode with Carter […]

Climate Change & Sea Life in the UK…early 2020

Life Enhancing

Allowing the seas to recover from the outrageous assaults of commercial fishing can help heal our own wounded lives.

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 2nd January 2020


It’s going to be a rough year, perhaps the roughest I’ve ever witnessed. The fatal combination of escalating climate breakdown and […]

On dealing with the prospects

How to address the issues posed by the current administration

***by Timothy Snyder, Yale history professor, historian of Eastern Europe and Holocaust expert:

Here are 20 lessons from across the fearful 20th century, adapted to the circumstances of today.

1. Do not obey in advance. Much of the power of authoritarianism is freely given. In […]

What is the “shadow financial system”

via Investopedia – Updated May 15, 2019

A shadow banking system is a group of financial intermediaries facilitating the creation of credit across the global financial system but whose members are not subject to regulatory oversight. The shadow banking system also refers to unregulated activities by regulated institutions. Examples of intermediaries not subject to […]

A review of Peter Wallison’s assertions on the causes of the 2007-08 Meltdown

The WSJ and Barron’s Apologists for the Banksters Peddle Wallison’s Fables

Posted on May 25, 2015 by William Black


Few people’s efforts at myth-making have been as devastatingly refuted as has Peter Wallison’s. But fables that are designed to make the banksters look less criminal are always welcome by the banksters. Any honest […]