The interview process continues at the WH for a replacement Chief of Staff

“Why are we so angry?”

via The Atlantic Magazine – Jan/Feb 2019

by Charles Duhigg


An Angry Little Town – soon after the snows of 1977 began to thaw, the residents of Greenfield, Massachusetts, received a strange questionnaire in the mail. “Try to recall the number of times you became annoyed and/or angry during the past week,” the survey […]

Wanna see 16 Minutes of an idiot being played?

A dystopian possibility

What President Trump Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency From seizing control of the internet to declaring martial law, President Trump may legally do all kinds of extraordinary things.



In the weeks leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, President Donald […]

Designs for an ad hoc revolution needed

Richard Wolff: There Are No Blueprints for Revolution

A demonstrator throws a tear gas canister back at police outside the Argentine Congress as deputies began discussion on the government’s austere 2019 budget in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 24, 2018.By Vaios Triantafyllou, on Truthout PUBLISHED December 10, 2018


Richard D. Wolff is […]

The Dangerous Koch’s

You Want It Darker?

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 7th November 2018 – Posted: 09 Dec 2018 09:15 PM PST

The remarkable story of how the hard-right Koch brothers funded a Trotskyite splinter group.


Dark money is among the greatest current threats to democracy. It means money spent below the public radar, […]

Wingnuts try an assault on socialism using a dog metaphor…

This was in response to Junior’s post saying that real American’s like to walk their dog, while socialists like to eat theirs.

We pay more, and get much less

Please note this is only the portion of health care expenditures in hospitals, it does NOT include the administrative costs at health care providers offices, testing facilities, pharmacies, logistic outlets, transportation, legal or government oversight, or accounting. Attempting to obtain a comprehensive cost for the net, net costs of all administrative functions in […]

the less than 1% segment

The Gift of Death

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 11th December 2012


Pathological consumption has become so normalized that we scarcely notice it.

There’s nothing they need, nothing they don’t already own, nothing they even want. So you buy them a solar-powered waving queen; a belly button brush; a […]

Climate change and food-borne illnesses

Conversation from eMagazine – Dec. 2018

Dear EarthTalk: I read the federal government’s recently released climate change report, and was surprised to learn that global warming is even being blamed for an increase in food-borne illness. What’s the connection?

—Jeremy Brotherton, Camden, ME

Yes, the new federal climate report (the “Fourth National Climate Assessment”) paints […]

Damn the facilitators…

Trump’s Saudi Coverup & Selling of Titles

NOTE: Over the past few days, I’ve published two new pieces. The first deals with Israel’s arms trade with some of the most genocidal regimes in the world. It’s my first piece published at Jacobin Magazine. The […]