Home and RV security device product review: SimpliSafe


By Rose Thibodeaux – 08/06/2017

7.6 – Our Overall Rating


No contracts, low cost monitoring, optional self-monitoring.


Limited home automation features and dated hardware.

The Bottom Line

SimpliSafe home security is a good option for those who want 24/7 […]

Off the rails

American Democracy Is Malfunctioning in Tragic Fashion

To deny that there is any link between the President’s rhetoric and the recent acts of political violence, as Mike Pence did on Sunday, is to engage in Trump-level deception.

Photograph by Nicholas Kamm / […]

And for those who need another reason…

Is Fall Foliage Compromised Due To Climate Change?

Dear EarthTalk: Do environmental factors influence fall foliage colors?

—Bess Walker, Clinton, CT

An uptick in the intensity of hurricanes, prolonged periods of drought precipitating wildfires, flooded out coastal regions, melting […]

The Murder of an American Journalist is Not A Problem for this guy

Link to article:

Some sensible writings by Jim Rickards

The Hard Truth About America’s Middle Class Is the middle class getting smaller, or does “middle class” not mean what it once meant?… “If there’s a rising tide lifting boats, whether you have a boat or not, the tide is not rising very quickly”… Then Jim Rickards shows you why so much of today’s wealth […]

The Daily Outrage