Fake Ad

Trump: “America is responsible for Russian aggression”

Ok kiddies…this stopped being strange long ago…



Gaslighting explained

A talented writer sends a letter to Amlo

by Denise Dresser (2-Jul-2018) -translated from original Spanish – Jul 5th, 2018 by rp *************************************************** Mr. President, I write you these lines, seated at my desk, with a thumb stained by indelible ink, with mixed feelings. Hope and anxiety. Joy and fear. Joy for what we decided to leave behind and worry about what […]

In Memoriam, by George Monbiot

In Memoriam

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 29th June 2018

As our wildlife and ecosystems collapse, remembering is a radical act.


It felt as disorientating as forgetting my pin number. I stared at the caterpillar, unable to attach a name to it. I don’t think my mental powers are fading: I still […]