Real and metaphorical Wars

When All the World’s a War… And All the Men and Women Merely Soldiers via Toms Dispatch – by Rebecca Gordon – Aug. 15th, 2017

Since September 11, 2001, the United States has been fighting a “war on terror.” Real soldiers have been deployed to distant lands; real cluster bombs and white phosphorus have been […]

Willful ignorance

by Richard @ Flexible Reality – Aug. 14th, 2017

“It’s easy to avoid finding any negatives when you choose not to look.”


In the early morning hours of a restless night’s sleep you awaken to a dreamworld consideration of whether your mate, comfortably sleeping beside you, has been unfaithful to you. Or perhaps […]

Natural language is un-natural

Natural Language Posted: 11 Aug 2017 05:07 AM PDT

If we want people to engage with the living world, we should stop using such constipated terms to describe our relationship to it.

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 9th August 2017

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If Moses had promised the Israelites a land […]

Is the World Slouching Toward a Grave Systemic Crisis?

Is the World Slouching Toward a Grave Systemic Crisis?

History is punctuated by catalytic episodes—events that can become guideposts toward a more open and civilized world.

via The Atlantic by: PHILIP ZELIKOW – 8/11/2017 – 4:50 AM ET

East German border policemen refusing to shake hands with a Berliner over the border […]

Support request for VoteVets


I am sure you saw that yesterday President Trump threatened North Korea with “fire and fury like the world has never seen before.” A message he thought appropriate to send from New Jersey … while on vacation … at his golf course.

Listen… here is the absolutely pure, unvarnished truth: it is abhorrent […]

Mercenaries aren’t a solution to Afghanistan’s forever war

via Washington Post – Aug. 8th, 2017


The White House is still struggling to come up with an Afghanistan strategy. A long-expected review of the current American commitment to the war-blighted nation has stalled, with President Trump reportedly dissatisfied with the bulk of the solutions offered […]