Dyson: Death In Black and White

Death in Black and White


Images showing the dying moments of Philando Castile, a black man shot by the police in Minnesota during a traffic stop. Mr. Castile’s girlfriend broadcast the scene on her Facebook page.CreditAgence France-Presse — Getty Images

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Patent exhaustion

Why You Should Care About The Supreme Court Case On Toner Cartridges

March 23, 20179:00 am EDTBy Kate Cox@kcoxdc

A corporate squabble over printer toner cartridges doesn’t sound particularly glamorous, and the phrase “patent exhaustion” is probably already causing your eyes to glaze over. However, these […]

30 Days of Commentary

Thirty Days in the Swamp

(commentary sent via Facebook, Twitter, and Google by Richard Pressl)

3/19/2016: LGBT Issues

We have a problem Houston, and New York, and LA…and it can be seen in the LGBT issue, where the interests of the average American diverge sharply from that of the LGBT community, and which also points […]

Calvin considers death

US Dollar to MX Peso Exchange Rate Chart

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Tools for Resisters

How to address the issues posed by the current administration as written by Timothy Snyder, Yale history professor, historian of Eastern Europe and Holocaust expert: – Nov. 21st, 2016 – * * * * “Here are 20 lessons from across the fearful 20th century, adapted to the circumstances of today. 1. Do not obey […]

The Gulf of Tonkin incident

Case Closed: The Gulf of Tonkin Incident



This article by Capt. Carl Otis Schuster, U.S. Navy (ret.) originally appeared in the June 2008 issue of Vietnam magazine. A National Security Agency report released in 2007 reveals unequivocally that the alleged Aug. 4, 1964, attack […]

A bridge too far?


By John Cassidy via The New Yorker

March 6, 2017

Trump can say virtually anything, however false or outrageous, without suffering any political consequences with his base. In his tweets this weekend, however, he may have gone too far. Photograph by Evan Vucci /AP

This weekend, […]

Chart of vote history for Barry Loudermilk, (R) 11th District, Georgia

Representative Barry Loudermilk


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House Republicans show active intention to debase life in America

While we were distracted by Trump, Republicans advanced these 9 terrifying bill


The Republican-led Congress is wasting no time forcing through the most horrendous bills seen in decades while America’s eyes are on Russia.

With both houses of Congress solidly under Republican control, there’s little […]

Freedom reviewed

by Richard @ Flexible Reality – Mar. 3, 2017 We exalt freedom as the primary virtue and goal not only for individuals but for States as well; however the concept is viewed quite differently by different groups, and at different times. In general when we think of freedom we have in mind “a” freedom: freedom […]

Activism Now

Who Says It Can’t Happen Here?

We have endured 40 years of creeping authoritarianism and it now appears that it may run right over democracy. We must resist and act in solidarity. By Harvey J. Kaye / BillMoyers.com March 1, 2017 ************************* Donald Trump’s candidacy and now, presidency, have resurrected a public discourse […]