Stultus fires acting AG

WASHINGTON — President Trump fired his acting attorney general on Monday after she defiantly refused to defend his immigration executive order, accusing the Democratic holdover of trying to obstruct his agenda for political reasons.

Taking action in an escalating crisis for his 10-day-old administration, Mr. Trump declared that Sally Q. […]

Future prospects for Mexico – Jan. 2017

How bad is it going to be for México (economically) now that Trump will be president?

Serina Kurahashi, lives in Querétaro, Mexico

Written Jan 19 · Upvoted by Carter Moore, Degree in Political Science, former Congressional aide and Federal employee

Already things are unsettling.

Now that I live south of […]

For Cherokee County & Georgia Citizens

Why Some Americans Deny Science Explained

Evolution, Climate and Vaccines: Why Americans Deny Science

By Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributor | January 21, 2017 05:30pm ET

Credit: Khakimullin Aleksandr/

The U.S. has a science problem. Around half of the country’s citizens reject the facts of evolution; fewer than a third agree there is a scientific consensus on human-caused climate change, […]

Doomsday prep

DOOMSDAY PREP FOR THE SUPER-RICH Some of the wealthiest people in America—in Silicon Valley, New York, and beyond—are getting ready for the crackup of civilization. via The New Yorker – by Evan Osnos – JANUARY 30, 2017 ISSUE

An armed guard stands at the entrance of the Survival Condo Project, a former missile silo north […]

Ethnic cleansing Israeli style

Israeli Bedouin Kills Border Policeman Ethnically-Cleansing His Village

Tikun Olam תיקון עולם – Promoting Israeli democracy, exposing secrets of the national security state

* * * * When is “terror,” terror? When is it something else? Who defines what is “terror?”

Tonight’s post […]

At a seminar a student wrote a paper – from a troubling perspective

I asked my student why he voted for Trump. The answer was thoughtful, smart, and terrifying. RICK PERLSTEIN – JAN/FEB 2017 ISSUE of Mother Jones

This past October, I taught a week-long seminar on the history of conservatism to honors students from around the state of Oklahoma. In five long days, my nine very engaged […]

A second look at a prescient book by Richard Rorty

Richard Rorty’s 1998 Book Suggested Election 2016 Was Coming

CreditSonny Figueroa/The New York Times

Three days after the presidential election, an astute law professor tweeted a picture of three paragraphs, very slightly condensed, from Richard Rorty’s “Achieving Our Country,” published in […]

A Date that will live in infamy

A Date That Will Live in Infamy By Charles Bayer – Jan. 20, 2017


A date that will live in infamy. That is how President Franklin Delano Roosevelt described the events of Dec. 7, 1941. Sept. 11, 2001 was second date which deserved that designation. Both of these dates resulted from America being attacked […]

The Fourteen Signs of Fascism as displayed

Clear As Day: How Donald Trump’s Incoming Administration Represents Modern-Day Fascism

Trevor LaFauci December 17, 2016

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

In the spring of 2003, Dr. Lawrence Britt wrote an article for Free Inquiry Magazine titled “Fascism Anyone?” in which the author identified 14 traits […]

Revisiting the VA Issue

When It Comes To Veterans Care, Hillary, Bernie, and Rachel Get It

Feb 05, 2016 · Jon Soltz, Huffinton Post · Link to Article

Last evening’s Democratic debate was full of fireworks. But, if you managed to stay tuned all the way to the end, you got to see Rachel Maddow ask the question […]

Couple of images for bullshit


National Greatness defined

A Nigerian Nobel Winner Exits Trump’s America

A Nigerian Nobel Winner Exits Trump’s America

“Trump’s wall is already under construction,” Wole Soyinka says. “Walls are built in the mind.”

Wole Soyinka at home in Abeokuta, Nigeria Akintunde Akinleye / Reuters via The Atlantic by URI FRIEDMAN – Jan. 17, 2017 Wole Soyinka, the first African writer to be awarded […]

Asshats are wrong again…

Wingnut Conservatives think they’ve caught Paul Krugman in an act of hypocrisy. They haven’t.

via Wonk Blog – By Matt O’Brien – January 13th, 2017 There’s nothing more predictable than people being in favor of deficits when their preferred political party is in power, and against them when it’s not.Republicans, as you might […]

Considering a colony on Mars

Roy Brander •on The Atlantic – Jan. 11th, 2016 **********************

I grew up on space colonization stuff and fully expected a Moon base, then a Moon colony, then a Mars base, then a Mars Colony by…well, now. Look at all the space hardware that was expected for 2001, along with a Jupiter probe. None of […]

Is this the beginning of the end for Western-style liberal democracies?

Maybe This Is How Democracy Ends

The frightening rise of authoritarian populism in the West is a very real, clear and present danger.

The election of Donald Trump has triggered as much wonderment abroad as it has in the United States. […]

Post Obama and Pre-Trump Status Report: Jan. 11th, 2016

Americans yearn for reassurances from Donald Trump at today’s press conference

Jan. 11th, 2016 – Washington Post 202 by James Hohmann

* * * *

THE BIG IDEA: Always eager to portray himself as a victim, Donald Trump proved (or violated) Godwin’s Law Wednesday by invoking the specter of Nazi Germany as he stepped up […]

On decluttering

Regarding fake news

The Fake News Scare Is, Itself, Fake News

Don’t worry about fake news. The whole scare is, itself, fake news. Don’t believe a word of it.

Could it be that the news media is still trying to distract us from […]