What’s Behind the Hillary Hatred Syndrome?

The Democratic contender has been disrespected like no other presidential nominee in history. Is in an accident that the rest of them were male?

What’s Behind the Hillary Hatred […]

A demonstrator holds signs outside a Hillary Clinton rally in Arizona.

While making […]

Afghan poppy

We’re Still at War: Photo of the Day for September 6, 2012″

“We’re Still at War: Photo of the Day for September 6, 2012″ “Marines with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, move through a poppy field on their way to Patrol Base Mohmon in the Lui Tal district, Helmand province, Afghanistan, April […]

another thoughtful reply to a Trumper

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Question: The more left wingers double down on “Trump is dangerous” and other arguments, the less I believe them. Am I desensitized or just skeptical? Reply by: Scott Heskew, Opinionated but well-read.

Written Oct 16

Well, first of all, you should never wade into political journalism without a healthy sense of […]

Being smart isn’t the same as being right

The Dangers of Being Smart


Jonah Lehrer’s post at The New Yorker details some worrying research on cognition and thinking through biases, indicating that “intelligence seems to make [such] things worse.” This is because, as Richard West and colleagues concluded in their study, “people who were aware of their own biases […]

“I’ll pray for you” considerations

a) Intercessionary prayer: “Intercessory prayer itself had no effect on complication-free recovery from CABG, but certainty of receiving intercessory prayer was associated with a higher incidence of complications”

b) Evidence for positive results from directed prayer: Dozens of studies have shown varied results, from negative, to no effect, to statistically significant positive results

c) […]

The Fight to Save America From Satan’s Subliminal Rock Messages

In the 1980s, many politicians were convinced there were devious, secret messages hidden inside popular records.

via AtlasObscura – by Bryan Gardiner

OCTOBER 20, 2016

On April 27, 1982, members of the California Assembly’s Consumer Protection and Toxics Committee gathered in Sacramento to hear Robert Plant endorse Satan. This was not […]

What does the TPP mean for recycling?

Would TPP trade deal boost plastics recycling?

By Lacey Evans, Plastics Recycling Update

October 12, 2016

It’s election season, and one hot-button issue is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which aims to significantly boost trading relationships between the U.S. and other countries. In the plastics recycling industry, however, opinions vary on whether the treaty would be […]

Asked on Quora: “Most people I know are voting for Donald Trump. What about you?”

David S. Rose, On multiple campaign finance committees

Updated 6h ago

As others have noted, this question is perfectly emblematic of the stark polarization in the race and what it says about the division in our country. It has nothing to do with liberal/conservative, white/black, even rich/poor or urban/rural.

Instead, it has—for […]

Tiny Home: Estonia Style



Regarding climate change: “What can I do”

Bill McKibben: The Question I Get Asked the Most Bill McKibben

The questions come after talks, on twitter, in the days’ incoming tide of email—sometimes even in old-fashioned letters that arrive in envelopes. The most common one by far is also the simplest: What can I do? I bet I’ve been asked it 10,000 […]

There’s hope neonics can be banned.

What’s Killing All the Bees?