A bit of history on the “Star Spangled Banner”

Note: We have been (mis)treated to another episode of righteous indignation over a football player’s decision not to stand for the playing of our National Anthem. Here is another perspective you might not be familiar with.


Or perhaps this article might be illustrative:


Black Lives Met With Nationalistic Outrage Author: Roqayah Chamseddine Monday, […]

19 States have not implemented the medicaid expansion

Via: The Advisory Board Company

Note: Do you see a pattern? Let me help you out with that…

Red States are controlled by Republican Governors.

So the question is why are these States choosing not to participate, since the Federal Government picks up the costs for the program, not the States. These States […]

NGO Monitor Invent False Anti-Semitic Claims Against BDS

Tikun Olam תיקון עולם

Promoting Israeli democracy, exposing secrets of the national security state

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Israeli MKs, NGO Monitor Invent False Anti-Semitic Claims Against BDS

SJP’s “anti-Semitic” eviction notice distributed to NYU students


My Representative – according to Project Vote Smart & Open Secrets: Aug. 2016

Barry Loudermilk’s Ratings – Project Vote Smart Office: U.S. House (GA) – District 11, Republican On The Ballot: Running, Republican for U.S. House – District 11


2016 Planned Parenthood Action Fund – Positions (Lifetime) [8/26] 0% 2015 NARAL Pro-Choice America – Positions 0% 2015 National Right to Life Committee – Positions 100% Animals […]

The World After Me

Eternal “Wartime” in America via Tomgram – by Tom Engelhardt

I recently dug my mother’s childhood photo album out of the depths of my bedroom closet. When I opened it, I found that the glue she had used as a girl to paste her life in place had given way, and on many pages the […]

The Decay of American Politics

An Ode to Ike and Adlai via Tomdispatch by Andrew J. Bacevich

My earliest recollection of national politics dates back exactly 60 years to the moment, in the summer of 1956, when I watched the political conventions in the company of that wondrous new addition to our family, television. My parents were supporting President Dwight […]

Military Dissent Is Not an Oxymoron

Freeing Democracy from Perpetual War via Tomgram: by William J. Astore

The United States is now engaged in perpetual war with victory nowhere in sight. Iraq is chaotic and scarred. So, too, is Libya. Syria barely exists. After 15 years, “progress” in Afghanistan has proven eminently reversible as efforts to rollback recent Taliban gains continue […]

How Veterans Are Losing the War at Home

Making America Pain-Free for Plutocrats and Big Pharma, But Not Vets via Tomgram: by Ann Jones

A friend of mine, a Vietnam vet, told me about a veteran of the Iraq War who, when some civilian said, “Thank you for your service,” replied: “I didn’t serve, I was used.” That got me thinking about the […]

Burkinis Around The World

Richard Pressl – What I am saying is they are all types of clothing that have meaning to the wearers and their significant others; and each model can seem reverent, absurd, brutish, nasty, or despicable…depending on one’s own level of cultural sophistication. However, anyone who ventures out into public areas in the 21st Century […]

Earthtalk: How long have we known about climate change

How long have we known about human-caused global warming?

Dear EarthTalk: When did scientists first discover that carbon dioxide levels were rising in the atmosphere due to human activity and that this could cause global warming?

—Barbara Mickelson, Sumter, SC

The Earth’s climate is […]

What the Ryan Lochte Fiasco Tells Us about the News Media and Selective Outrage

by John Ziegler | 4:13 pm, August 21st, 2016

Ryan Lochte is a dope and liar who, if the world was universally just, deserves every bit of criticism and of the consequences which are coming his way for the ‘inaccurate story‘ he told at the Olympics a week ago. However, in my view, there […]

Cognitive decline in seniors

Note: The elderly experience a decline in their mental facilities and one of their coping mechanisms is to adopt micromanagement processes to mitigate and compensate for the loss, often becoming extremely fixated on matters of personal grooming, food, and social preferences. The following are general rules for do’s and don’ts.


Dementia Care […]

STNG Season 5, Episode 25: “The Inner Light”

The Inner Light (episode)

TNG, Episode 5×25 Production number: 40275-225 First aired: 1 June 1992 Note: Considered by many to be one of the best episodes of Star Trek Next Generation this has a lot to say to any generation. [ed] → Teleplay By

Morgan Gendel and Peter Allan Fields

Story By

Morgan Gendel

Directed […]

DS9: Season 3, Episode 11 & 12: “Past Tense”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Past Tense, Part I”/ “Past Tense, Part II” –

“Past Tense, Part I” (season 3, episode 11; originally aired 1/2/1995) and “Past Tense, Part II” (season 3, episode 12; originally aired 1/9/1995)

Note: One of the three best episodes of DS9, herein described and analyzed by a skillful […]

Unglued Empires

by Richard – Flexible Reality – Oct. 23, 2003

* *****************

There are two dominant perspectives for the so-called “American Empire”, one that views America in decline, and one in ascension. Politicians and pundits from the Left and Right agree there are major problems we face which they assert should be addressed before our Republic […]

A Willful Ignorance

A Willful Ignorance by PAUL KRUGMAN – October 28, 2003 NY Times Article


According to The New York Times, President Bush was genuinely surprised to learn from moderate Islamic leaders that they had become deeply distrustful of American intentions. The report on the “perception gap” suggests that the leader of the war on terror […]

The Shils Report: 20 Years Later

Shils Report – Impact of Mega-Retail Discount Chains on American Small Businesses Chapter X: Conclusions and Recommendations – Feb/7/1997


“The writer has devoted almost three years to this study. He has sent out approximately 6,000 questionnaires to small retailers asking their views on strategies for survival in the face of the formidable gains […]

dTrumpf’s 2nd call…


via Newsweek – BY MATTHEW COOPER ON 8/10/16 AT 2:11 PM Donald Trump’s loopy, menacing crack about “Second Amendment people” taking action against Hillary Clinton was weird, illogical and wildly inappropriate—but unlikely to meet the legal definition of a threat against […]