On photography as an art form, and a way of looking

PBS NewsHour

Yesterday at 12:21pm ·

“I’m not a concerned photographer. I’m not trying to prove anything politically or otherwise. I’m interested in beauty and sort of the subtle moments of everyday life.”

Watch photographer Ken Van Sickle give his ‪#‎BriefButSpectacular‬ take on sharing what you see.


JUDY WOODRUFF: And now another in our […]

Another example of our incompetent or duplicitous MSM

U.S. Radically Changes Its Story of the Boats in Iranian Waters: to an Even More Suspicious Version Glenn Greenwald via The Intecept

Jan. 15 2016, 10:58 a.m.

When news first broke of the detention of two U.S. ships in Iranian territorial waters, the U.S. media — aside from depicting it as an act of […]

SOTU – Jan. 13th, 2016

You can watch the speech, which is available on virtually every screen you might own, via the White House YouTube live stream below:

If you want to read along—or just see where the president goes off course—you can view the full text of the speech right here.

“Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, […]

MoveOn endorses Bernie for POTUS

Dear MoveOn member,

It’s official: MoveOn members have voted to endorse Bernie Sanders for president. Now, with your help, we will mobilize and help him win.

After more than 340,000 ballots were cast in a four-day membership vote, Bernie Sanders has earned our endorsement with an overwhelming 79% of votes cast, far more than the […]

Comcast prevents Internet only subscribers from freely accessing streaming content

Tonight was the “big one”, the 2016 College Football National Championship between Clemson and Alabama, and based on articles posted to the Web it would be made available at no charge for online streaming – except it doesn’t work if a user has Comcast internet service only. Based on the conversation, which follows below, […]

A chance encounter: part of the online 2% PITAs

Note: The following is a series of messages sent between Tommie Reed, a buyer, and Richard Pressl, a seller on Amazon which demonstrates what one seldom sees, but can encounter in online sales.

For brevity I’ll provide the basics here, and leave the full details at the bottom of this article. I’ll use italics […]

State response to insurrections

by Richard – Jan. 13th, 2016


The historical record is perfectly clear on how the State responds to insurrections – by violent response whenever any group threatens the apparatus of the State. Martin L. King Jr. was equally clear this was why Civil Rights protests must remain non-violent. As did Mahatma Gandhi, and […]

How America responded to an armed invasion of Federal property 50 years ago.

Here’s How The Nation Responded When A Black Militia Group Occupied A Government Building

Nearly 50 years ago, a group of armed Black Panthers entered the California state Capitol to protest a gun control bill.

01/06/2016 01:38 pm ET | Updated 2 days ago Nick Wing Senior Viral Editor, The Huffington Post […]

Considering a Sino-American War

How would a war between the US and China play out?

Jon Davis, The missiles are equipped at the T-Rex’s side.

143k Views • Upvoted by Vincen Mathai, Avid analyst on international matters since my days at Qatar Jon is a Most Viewed Writer in Hypothetical Battles. * * * * Nations like China […]

An alternate view of ICC/BLM overreach

by Ian Frick 10 hrs ago : Dec. 6th, 2016 · In 1863, the U.S. government signed the Ruby Valley Treaty with the Western Shoshone nation, who laid claim to 26 million acres of land in Nevada, Idaho, and Utah. The Shoshone tribe and the U.S. government agreed that settlers and cowboys had access […]

American Indian Stereotypes

American Indian Stereotypes: 500 Years of Hate Crimes© by Steven W. Baggs (who would welcome your comments…)

Janice would bring me a Tootsie Roll Pop about twice a week. I liked that, I liked Tootsie Roll Pops, and I especially liked the friendliness in her chubby cheeks. I considered her a friend. How my […]

A New Year Begins ! Clean out the gunk…

Let us process your unused, defective, out of date electronics !

For smaller items, just put it in a USPS Large Flat Rate Box, and ship it to us. We will remove any/all personal data on the devices, refurbish, and try to resell/reuse them. It’s a lot better than depending on Goodwill or BestBuy. Plus […]

Hillary’s White Wash

She has a plan that she claims will reform Wall Street—but…

by William Greider, The Nation Sunday, December 13, 2015 10:06 AM

Hillary Clinton’s recent op-ed in The New York Times, “How I’d Rein In Wall Street,” was intended to reassure nervous Democrats who fear she is still in thrall to those mega-bankers of New […]

It’s too late to turn off Trump: Matt Taibbi on Rolling Stone

Donald Trump; Too late to turn off

by Matt Taibbi on Rolling Stone, Dec, 9th, 2015


Some people in the news business are having second thoughts this week about their campaign strategy. They’re wondering if they created a monster in Donald Trump.

The LA Times published a piece about how the tone of Trump’s […]

More on our “friend” Saudi Arabia

Dec 4th, 2016 via Foreign Policy Newslettter

by Paul McLeary with Adam Rawnsley

Ripple effect. In a series of events that may have serious repercussions for the effort to hold peace talks between the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad and opposition representatives, Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties with Iran on Sunday, followed on Monday […]

What about the Bitlocker encryption routine for Windows?

by Micah Lee, Dec. 28th, 2015 on The Intercept

* * * * *

ONE OF THE EXCELLENT FEATURES of new Windows devices is that disk encryption is built-in and turned on by default, protecting your data in case your device is lost or stolen. But what is less well-known is that, if you […]

Big, cheap, and dangerous

‘Rampant irresponsibleness’: Shoddy construction found in Texas tornado wreckage

Published time: 1 Jan, 2016 04:28 Get short URL A former resident of the Landmark at the Lake Village West apartment complex takes photographs of tornado damage in Garland, Texas, December 28, 2015. © Todd Yates / Reuters * * * * Local and […]