Mass shootings: Four or more people dead

There have been 334 days and 351 mass shootings so far this year via Wonkblog By Christopher Ingraham November 30 at 7:00 AM The nation was once again gripped by gun violence on Friday after a gunman {name deleted} stormed a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, killing two civilians and one police officer […]

Trump dispenses more B.S.

The post Nothing Funny About a Leading Presidential Candidate Spreading Racist Propaganda on Crime appeared first on The Intercept.


Key concept: “The reality is that the vast majority of black victims are killed by black people, just as the vast majority of white victims are killed by white people.”


Cop Who Killed Laquan McDonald Representative of CPD

Rahm Is Wrong: Officer Who Killed Laquan McDonald Represents Chicago Police

via Shadowproof by Kevin Gosztola 2015-11-25

25 Nov 2015 Kevin Gosztola 0 2 3

Screenshot of video of Chicago Police Press Conference. Moments before releasing a video at a press conference, which shows white Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke killing a […]

Celebrating Einstein’s Centenary

via Journeyman Philosopher by Paul P. Mealing

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This month (November 2015) marks 100 years since Albert Einstein published his milestone paper on the General Theory of Relativity, which not only eclipsed Newton’s equally revolutionary Theory of Universal Gravitation, but is still the cornerstone of every cosmological theory that has been developed […]

Thanksgiving Day 2015

Thanksgiving Prayer (by Richard – Annualized since 11/27/2008) ———————-

Today is a special day, dedicated by our expressed appreciation for the bounty of the laboring earth, and all its inhabitants.

We thank those who gave us life, access to liberty, and by our labors – the chance to make the world a better place.


Foreign Policy Review: Nov. 2015: “All of us are in this because the threat is real, not only within the region but also…” everywhere.

By Paul McLeary with Adam Rawnsley Action everywhere. While NATO and Moscow scramble to untangle the events of Tuesday, other European countries are considering ramping up the war against the Islamic State in Syria. In an exclusive interview with FP’s John Hudson, Dutch Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert said that her country is considering sending […]

Rugelach – Holiday Treat done right !

The Holidays are a perfect time to make these mouthwatering morsels, and it is within the skill range of the average person. Instead of going around in circles trying to buy half-way decent versions, at prices from $10 – 40 per pound, you can do it yourself at a cost of about $2 per […]

Voter fraud – by machine manipulations

A mathematician may have uncovered widespread election fraud, and Kansas is trying to silence her

8/5/15 2:21pm by Jon Green 317 on American Blog

Kansas loves them some voter fraud hysteria. From going to the Supreme Court to try and make doubly-sure that non-citizens can’t vote in their elections to […]

Sen. Sander’s address at Georgetown: Nov. 19, 2015

The full text of Sanders’ address, as prepared for delivery, is posted below.

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On Thursday afternoon, Sen. Bernie Sanders delivered a long-planned speech on the topic of democratic socialism at Georgetown University. Here are his prepared remarks, courtesy of the Sanders campaign:


“In his inaugural remarks in January 1937, in […]

Exploiting emotions about Paris

Exploiting Emotions About Paris to Blame Snowden, Distract from Actual Culprits Who Empowered ISIS

via The Intercept – by Glenn Greenwald – Nov. 15 2015, 7:23 a.m.

Whistleblowers are always accused of helping America’s enemies (top Nixon aides accused Daniel Ellsberg of being a Soviet spy and causing the deaths of Americans with his […]

America is extraordinary, ordinary, and sub-standard

…it just depends on what one considers…

The Good Society – by Lane Kenworth – Jun. 2015

American exceptionalism is one of our country’s most cherished notions.1 There is considerable truth in it: we are different in a number of respects from the world’s other rich longstanding-democratic nations, a group that includes Australia, Austria, Belgium, […]

A meeting of minds and hearts

Things That Can and Cannot Be Said: A Conversation Between John Cusack, Arundhati Roy, Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg, and Julian Assange

Monday, 16 November 2015 00:00 – by John Cusack and Arundhati Roy, Outlook | Op-Ed

As US Marines search a bazaar in Garmser District for weapons, a sack of materiel ignites, […]

David Foster Wallace – on leaders

DFW considers the leader

via – Nov. 2015

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In his 2000 essay “Up, Simba: Seven Days on the Trail of an Anticandidate,” found in the altogether fantastic Consider the Lobster and Other Essays (public library), Wallace considers the leader.

It is just about impossible to talk about the really important […]

David Foster Wallace – on writing

David Foster Wallace on Why You Should Use a Dictionary, How to Write a Great Opener, and the Measure of Good Writing

“Readers who want to become writers should read with a dictionary at hand,”Harvard psycholinguist Steven Pinker asserted in his indispensable guide to the art-science of beautiful writing, adding that writers who are […]


…if America first and foremost – and including a bunch of others Nation States – spent a major portion of the time, effort, talent, and money they waste in death and destruction on outliers to instead improve conditions for their own people, as well as all planetary life, there would not be as much mayhem […]

Re: Military Spending & Obfuscation Deluxe

Trying to obtain a realistic view of U.S. Military spending is akin to picking up soft jello. From social media recently came this pie chart:

Which shows current military spending taking up 57% of Federal spending. But this pie chart is only valid for “on budget” – ie: discretionary spending. It does not account […]

iPad Pro continues the tradition…

Fixit’s Teardown Report on iPad Pro Step 22 iPad Pro Repairability Score: 3 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair) The battery is not soldered to the logic board, and can be removed with adhesive tabs, greatly simplifying battery removal. However, the case seal must still be unglued to get to the battery. […]

Is the story of Jesus unique?

5 Near-Identical Jesus Christ Myths That Predate Jesus

I studied history in college, and spent a lot of my time researching ancient civilizations and comparative religions. As an agnostic, I am fascinated by religion and the idea of faith and belief, […]

What it’s really like to be an American Soldier






This article (Heartbreaking: Here’s What A U.S Soldier Said When Asked To Justify The War On Terror) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author, Daniel Crimmins, and * * * *

‘Many of […]

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