Excerpt from the Saboteurs Handbook

(11) General Interference with Organizations and Production

{prepared by the Office of Strategic Services, Jan. 11th, 1944}

* * * *

(1) Insist on doing everything through “channels.” Never permit short-cuts to be taken in order to expedite decisions.

(2) Make “speeches.” Talk as frequently as possible and at great length. Illustrate your “points” by […]

Taking from the 99%….and giving it to the 0.01% – while hollowing out the value of Government

Trump budget highlights disconnect between populist rhetoric and plutocrat reality

Trump’s spending proposal backtracks on his ‘balance the budget’ campaign cry

BY JAMES HOHMANN with Breanne Deppisch and Joanie Greve – WaPo 202 – Feb 13, 2018


THE BIG IDEA: President Trump campaigned like a populist, but the budget he proposed Monday underscores […]

Manufactured reality

He Predicted The 2016 Fake News Crisis. Now He’s Worried About An Information Apocalypse.

BuzzFeed News – Charlie Warzel · Feb 11, 2018

In mid-2016, Aviv Ovadya realized there was something fundamentally wrong with the internet — so wrong that he abandoned his work and sounded an alarm. A few weeks […]

Polarization may become our undoing

American democracy is doomed By Matthew Yglesias@mattyglesiasmatt@vox.com Updated Oct 8, 2015, 12:30pm EDT


Some day — not tomorrow, not next year, but probably sometime before runaway climate change forces us to seek a new life in outer-space colonies — there is going to be a collapse of the legal and political order and its […]

“Fake News” proponents overwhelmingly right wing

‘Fake news’ and the Trumpian threat to democracy

via Washington 202 by Ishaan Tharoor – Feb. 7th, 2018


When President Trump addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos last month, his jabs at the “nasty,” “vicious,” “fake” media earned him audible groans and hisses — even from some non-American reporters in the room. It […]

“This I Believe” – by Lori Gallagher Witt

Note: A post in defense of rational liberalism

“1. I believe a country should take care of its weakest members. A country cannot call itself civilized when its children, disabled, sick, and elderly are neglected. Period.

2. I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Somehow that’s interpreted as “I believe Obamacare […]

Just a typical day in paradise

The Daily 202: Public opinion is protecting Mueller’s investigation — for now via the Washington Post – By James Hohmann January 24 at 8:48 AM What the special counsel’s team will want to ask Trump With indications that special counsel Robert Mueller is seeking an interview with President Trump, here are some burning questions […]

The Atlantic Senior Editor talks about how to detect “fake news”

Word by Word. Line by Line

By Yvonne Rolzhausen, senior editor at The Atlantic

In a world where “fake news” thrives and basic editorial standards are often jettisoned as unnecessary expenses, fact-checkers can sometimes feel like an endangered species. But The Atlantic is dedicated to accuracy and truth—and therefore to rigorous fact-checking. Our pieces seek […]

Economy = Good …. Everything Else = Poor

Poll finds public optimistic about the economy, critical of Trump, split on issues via Washington Post – By Dan Balz and Scott Clement January 21 at 12:01 AM President Trump arrives to speak to March for Life participants on Friday. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that Trump’s approval rating has remained at […]

Women, and Men need to take it to the next level !!

#MeToo isn’t enough. Now women need to get ugly

by Barbara Kingsolver

‘Don’t say that to me, don’t do that to me. I hate it.’ I armed my daughters with these words to deal with harassment. Let’s no longer mollify powerful men

The Russian Affair is not just a few rogue agents

Russian Connections

(information and analysis by Richard @ Flexible Reality, obtained from the transcript of testimony at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing given by Glenn Simpson in August 2016 – )


We have read and heard about Americans associated with the Trump Campaign who have strong ties to Russian oligarchs, FSB and KGB operatives, […]

Job skills retraining is not a panacea

The False Promises of Worker Retraining

Despite assurances from policymakers that retraining is the key to success, such programs have consistently failed to equip workers with the preparation they need to secure jobs.

via The Atlantic by JEFFREY SELINGO JAN 8, 2018When Travis Busch graduated from high school in Jefferson, Iowa, in […]

Michael Wolff provides a prequel to “Fire and Fury”

How Donald Trump’s White House team handles his giant ego

Soon after the inauguration of Donald Trump on 20 January 2017, GQ columnist Michael Wolff was granted special access to the White House. Over seven months, in more than 200 interviews with the president and his staff, he sought to understand the […]

Basket of deplorables revisited

{from a conversation on Facebook}


Richard Pressl Yesterday at 9:25am ·

The noun version works just fine for me ********************************************

Trending: Clinton Says Half Of Trump Supporters Are In A ‘Basket Of Deplorables’ Lookups for ‘deplorable’ spike following comments at a New York fund-raiser MERRIAM-WEBSTER.COM Richard Pressl

Robert Bouillon I wonder if she […]

The unseen World: by George Monbiot

The Unseen World

Posted: 28 Dec 2017 04:43 AM PST

To be aware of the wonders of the living planet is to take on an unbearable burden of grief

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 19th December 2017


What you see is not what others see. We inhabit parallel worlds of perception, bounded […]

Unregulated free markets are not optimal systems

Faith in an Unregulated Free Market? Don’t Fall for It

Perhaps the most widely admired of all the economic theories taught in our universities is the notion that an unregulated competitive economy is optimal for everyone.

Looking backward in remorse


By WENDELL RAWLS Jr., Special to the New York Times – Published: March 8, 1982

NASHVILLE, March 7, 1982— New but long-held secret information was disclosed today in one of the most disputed trials in American history, the murder conviction and subsequent mob lynching of […]

A friend looks at the new tax plan

via Jan Erb on Facebook Dec. 27th, 2017 *******************************

How many of you would fall for the pool sharks? Billiards, not swimming. They would let you win small bets, then suggest higher stakes so they have a chance of winning back their money. Then they proceed to systematically clean you out.

This is exactly […]

Who are we as a country? Time to decide: Sally Yates

Stand up and speak out on America’s core founding values. We are not living in ordinary times, and it’s not enough to admire them from afar.

by Sally Q. Yates, Opinion contributor – Published 3:15 a.m. ET Dec. 19, 2017 | Updated 1:25 p.m. ET Dec. 19, 2017

When Republican […]

Naomi Klein interview: Dec. 22th, 2017

Trump Embodies the Crisis of Capitalism: A Conversation With – Naomi Klein

Saturday, December 23, 2017By Laura Flanders, Truthout | Interview

President Donald Trump talks with journalists after signing tax reform legislation into law in the Oval Office December 22, 2017, in Washington, DC.

How did we get to the Trump […]