A list of trump’s business failures

Column: A lengthy list of Trump’s disastrous business deals — compiled by his newest business partners


Donald Trump, business genius? (Associated Press) BY MICHAEL HILTZIK BUSINESS COLUMNIST

MAY 18, 2022 3:54 PM PT

Donald Trump’s business history has been so filled with disastrous ventures that it’s been hard to keep track of them all.


Women in Ancient Greece – The Plays

by Jeff Searle – Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Antigone, Lysistrata and Medea: Feminism in Classical Greece

It seems a paradox, given the breadth of popular political rights under democracy, that women had fewer rights and less freedom in most Greek cities than in contemporary Egypt and Persia. In the fiercely masculine world of […]

Opposing Putin’s Crime Family is Deadly

For example:

Mikhail Lesin, Alexander Litvinenko, Anna Politkovskaya, Natalia Estemirova, Stanislaw Markelov, Anastasia Baburova, Boris Nemtsov, Boris Berezovsky, Paul Klebnikov, Sergei Yushenkov, Alexei Navalny, Sergei Kkripal, Vladimir Kara-Murza, and the list goes on…

https://www.q13fox.com/news/model-who-called-putin-psychopath-found-dead-in-suitcase ….which is MBS’s favorite way too…

The midterms hit the runway

Heather Cox Richardson April 20, 2022 (Wednesday) Yesterday, Arizona governor Doug Ducey brought the Republican governors of 26 states together in the “American Governors’ Border Strike Force” to serve as a “force multiplier” in what he says is “criminal activity directly tied to our border.” For all of Ducey’s rhetoric about how the force […]

On the Corruption Perception Index

The big three of China, India, and Russia all present themselves as federal secular democratic republics; but in practice, none of them meet the standards for such a label.

At best under Modi, India is a federal republic with a parliamentary system, China is best described as “an autocratic capitalist State with one-party rule”, while […]

On the notion that America would be better off if we had more nativism

Autocrats like Orban, Modi, Putin, Un, and Xi plus a large segment of the US Right-Wing want to recommend a greater emphasis and cultural focus on the “purity” of their citizens, racially, ethically, and socially.

The 1960’s beat generation emphasized the “melting pot” motif for America; but today’s evangelicals are much more in tune […]

Eric Boehlert’s last article

Why is the press rooting against Biden? Burying great news Eric Boehlert Apr 4

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Like clockwork, the first Friday of the […]

When faith dissipates

A Funeral for My Christianity APRIL 10, 2022 / JOHN PAVLOVITZ

A friend told me that I seemed angry lately and at first it really pissed me off. I instantly mounted a spirited, vigorous defense laying out the reasons she had assessed me incorrectly but soon found myself trailing off, resigned to a harsh, […]

Russian lie: “we leave no one left behind”…

Russia’s war dead belie its slogan that no one is left behind

As Russian mothers and widows grieve, countless bodies are unclaimed in Ukraine

By Robyn Dixon, Sudarsan Raghavan, Isabelle Khurshudyan and David L. Stern Yesterday at 3:00 a.m. EDT Damaged trees and Russian military equipment near a […]

On disinformation

(Ian Forsyth / Getty; Joel Saget / AFP / Getty; The Atlantic)

by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic – Apr 6th, 2022

“Last week, a Michigan congresswoman whose existence had not yet entered the rest of the country’s consciousness credited Donald Trump with having “caught Osama bin Laden,” among other terrorists. It […]

The state of the War today: Apr 5th, 2022

How can the world respond to Russian atrocities? The destruction in Bucha, Ukraine, on Sunday. Ivor Prickett for The New York Times

Weapons and sanctions Civilians lay dead in the middle of the street. Others lay by the side of the road, next to or underneath their bicycles. Often, the victims had been shot […]

Republic or Democracy?

Here we go again. A commentator online asserts “America is a Republic, not a Democracy”, and depending on a person’s political orientation the notion could be partially true, or totally false ************************************************ The United States, like most modern nations, is neither a pure republic nor a pure democracy. Instead, it is a hybrid democratic […]

“Fair and Balanced” – a’int

by Heather Cox Richardson – Mar 30, 2022


“CBS News has hired Mick Mulvaney as a paid on-air contributor. In his first official appearance on Tuesday morning to talk about President Joe Biden’s budget proposal, anchor Anne-Marie Green introduced Mulvaney as “a former Office of Management and Budget director,” and said, “So happy […]

Democracy vs Authoritarianism

Heather Cox Richardson Mar 15th, 2022


“Today, Russia continued its offensive against Ukraine, striking hard at civilians in Kyiv and Mariupol. The Russian army is gaining ground, but it appears to be sustaining massive losses of personnel and equipment which, in turn, is making leaders focus on grinding Ukraine into submission through sheer […]

The argument for a hierarchical society by Andrew Carnegie

Originally titled simply “Wealth” and published in the North American Review in June 1889, Andrew Carnegie’s essay “The Gospel of Wealth” is considered a foundational document in the field of philanthropy. Carnegie believed in giving wealth away during one’s lifetime, and this essay includes one of his most famous quotes, “The man who dies […]

The U.S. Midterm Election Risks

Risk 3: US midterms EURASIA GROUP 3 JANUARY 2022

BY: IAN BREMMER, CLIFF KUPCHAN The 2022 midterms will be one of the most important in US history. The votes will take place amid allegations of fraud by both Democrats and Republicans, and they will set up a 2024 presidential election that Donald Trump, if […]

It’s time to confront the Trump-Putin network

It’s time to confront the Trump-Putin network Rebecca Solnit

A stunning number of Trump’s closest associates had deep ties to the Kremlin. The significance of this cannot be overstated

‘The most striking role of the Russian government in the 2016 US election was its many, many ties with the Trump campaign.’ Photograph: Joe Marino/UPI/Rex/Shutterstock […]

Lt Colonel Alexander Vindman Interview



Given the state of the world and this country, how are you feeling?

It depends on the day. In general, I remain optimistic. As a historian, I look at the scope of the challenges the United States has had to overcome. On the […]

Ukraine – Day Three

by Heather Cox Richardson, Sat Feb 26th, 2022 ************************************************ We are in what feels like a moment of paradigm shift.

On this, the third day of Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, it appears the invasion is not going the way Russian president Vladimir Putin hoped. The Russians do not control the airspace over the country, […]

Just change a few names and we’re at the same place here in America !!!

The Saboteurs

Posted: 25 Feb 2022 07:38 AM PST

If the UK government had set out to undermine and degrade our country, it couldn’t have done a better job.

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 23rd February 2022


Imagine that a hostile power managed to infiltrate the UK’s government. Imagine that it set […]